Semantic Computinmg Tools for teh Small Business?

Facebook and Google appear to be using Semantic Computing Concepts. What are tools to
1) convert a PDF to Triples?
2) SPARQL the Comosite Triple Set?
3) Utilize the SPARQL Results?

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Here's a brief overview of semantic computing.

Semantic computing

"Semantic computing is a field of computing that combines elements of semantic analysis, natural language processing, data mining and related fields.

Semantic computing addresses three core problems:

Understanding the (possibly naturally-expressed) intentions (semantics) of users and expressing them in a machine-processable format
Understanding the meanings (semantics) of computational content (of various sorts, including, but is not limited to, text, video, audio, process, network, software and hardware) and expressing them in a machine-processable format
Mapping the semantics of user with that of content for the purpose of content retrieval, management, creation, etc.

The IEEE has held an International Conference on Semantic Computing since 2007."

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I'm not sure I entirely follow your question. Did you actually mean convert PDF to triples? You can import triples using RDF, but I'm not sure about PDFs.  Maybe this will provide a little guidance. 


As to how you utilize the SPARQL results, would that not be entirely context dependent? 

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