Why should I try Fedora 16?

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Hi beatrix1,

Here's an article that gives six reasons why you might want to try it.

Six Good Reasons to Try Fedora 16

"Most readers of these pages are probably at least aware by now of Canonical's Ubuntu Linux, which tends to dominate the headlines by far, but another very popular and excellent choice is Fedora, the free, community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Fedora currently ranks at No. 3 in DistroWatch's popularity listings, and late Thursday the project behind it announced that the next big version--Fedora 16, or “Verne”--has been officially declared “gold” and ready for release on Tuesday.

If you've been considering sampling a taste of Linux's many benefits for your business, this new release could be a great one to try because of its particular strength on enterprise features. Here are six good reasons to test it."

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