How to get preview version of the new Android "L" OS?


How can I try a preview version of the upcoming version L of Android?

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Mconnel has a good answer for this. Here's an article that covers what's in Android L, along with news and info about the release date:

Android L release date, news and features

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You can get a developer preview, but honestly, unless you are a developer or at least have a solid working knowledge of the Android OS (and I don’t mean that you know where the settings are), it’s probably best to wait. As far as I know, you also need either a Nexus 5 or 7 to run it. If you really want it, here is the info on how to download and setup the SDK.

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Thanks Mconnel,


After android KitKat Android L is going to rock it has more amazing feature and said to be the best friend of Chromebook. It will bring a great change to Android UI, the performance and security enhancement some new user facing features. But you still you need to know the Ten things about Android ‘L’.

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