Is Mozilla right about Windows 8 being a "return to the dark ages"?


What do you think about Mozilla's claims that Microsoft is returning to the era when developers and users didn't have browser choices? Mozilla says that Windows 8 will only allow Internet Explorer to run the Windows desktop. Are they right? Will this really limit users to IE?

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Well, it remains to be seen how long they'll hold onto that position. If they get any significant market share then they might find the government breathing down there neck again.

Still, why bother Windows 8 anyway? OS X and Linux offer superior alternatives to yet another version of Windows. I haven't used Windows in years and years, and I don't miss it at all.

I feel sorry for the people who are stuck using it though. Ugh.

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Hah, well, well - the issue of APIs raises its head once again, this time outside of Oracle/Google context!  Win32 APIs are only available to Internet Explorer.  Of course, a big difference between Windows and Java is that Windows isn't open source, so the issue of APIs is a bit different here than in the Oracle v Google case.  Also, the complaints only apply to Windows RT which is for ARM based devices.  So yeah, Mozilla (and Google in the context of Chrome) has a point, but it is not as valid as it first sounds, in my opinion.  IE will have privileges on SOME devices that other browsers will not have. 

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