Tiles in Windows 8 do not work


Hi, about two weeks ago we discovered that the live tiles on our HP Envy tablet are no longer working. This was found when we tried to update to Win 8.1 and the Store App would not open at all. I have been on numerous forums trying to find a solution to this problem and after trying almost everything, the problem is still there. Please help and please do not ask me to go to the Store App and update it because it does not work. We have AVG for our security program and I don't think it has anything to do with that. Thank you for your help!

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You might also want to contact HP support and ask them if they are aware of this. They might have a fix coming.


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I know that there can be some driver issues with upgrading the HP Envy to Windows 8.1, so I would try to update all of your drivers through Device Manager. Try uninstalling AVG to see if it makes a difference. I have an older laptop that slows down to the point of unusability when AVG is installed. If that doesn’t help, I would probably just revert to Windows 8.

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