TMobile Sidekick freezes all the time


We have to take the back off, remove the battery and put everything back probably 3 - 5 times a day. It just locks up and stops. This method always works but is a pain. Phone works great otherwise. No dialog boxes to warn her of impending shut down. Thanks,    It's a Samsung Sidekick SGH-T839 running 2.2.1 version firmware.

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I suggest contacting TMobile, you shouldn't have to go through all of that. It sounds very frustrating. Hopefully, the customer support people could give you some ideas about what might be wrong with it. There's no point in having a phone that makes you do that so often each day.

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I think the best option is a factory reset.  It's kind of a pain, but that is most likely to solve the problem.  Before you go that route, remove all the widgets you can; sometimes widgets can cause problems.  Just make sure to back up everything, then go into "settings" and find "factory data reset" (I think that is is under "privacy settings" in 2.2).  This will revert the device to the way it shipped from the factory.  Your wife will have to go through set-up again and reinstall all the apps from Google Play.  If that doesn't do it, I would start looking for a new phone.  

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