Upgrade to Windows 8 failed. Now what?

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Windows 8: Solve “Failure upgrading Windows” Error

"Users who attempt to upgrade their computer to Microsoft Windows 8 may encounter a “Failure upgrading Windows. Preparing to retry” or a “Failure upgrading Windows. Reverting changes.” error. This is usually caused by third-party services running in the background. Try these steps to get things working."

Sandro Villinger
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The live upgrade from XP, Vista or 7 usually fails due to the obvious reasons: active AV product, not enough disk space, incompatible devices plugged in etc.. If none of these typical causes apply, you should check to see if you’ve got a hidden user account created by a driver or an application. Prime example: nVidia drivers install a new user account called “Update User” which is used to check for updates and download the latest drivers (there must be an easier way to to this, nvidia!). Apparently, Windows 8 has trouble migrating this specific account. To remove it, go to “Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Computer Management”.  From here, jump to the “Local Users and Groups” section and look out for the “Update user” account. Delete it! Once Windows 8 is up and running you can (and should) install the latest graphics drivers.



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