What are the best new features in iOS7?


Are there any new features in iOS7 that are worth getting excited about?

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The clock icon actually tells the correct time with iOS 7. POW! - Mind. Blown. Weather icon does not tell you anything though (unless you count "push here to find out the weather" as something). If only we had the technology to display information on topics chosen by the user in real time, that would be great. In this wonderful future in imagination land, I prophesize that we will call these delightful things "widgets." Someday, my friends. Someday.....

Christopher Nerney
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There are a bunch of cool new features in iOS 7, according to Galen Gruman at InfoWorld (by way of CITEworld). Among those are: 


* A control center for using accessing commonly used features

* A timer for the lock screen

* Improved email management tools

* A "today" view in the iOS notification center



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Siri is much better, and the new Control Center is very convenient. Multitasking is also better, and the Notification Center has a Today View. AirDrop is great, as are the new camera features.

I did a full review of iOS 7 that you might find useful as it covers most of the new features:


Pila Adur
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One of the biggest improvements I have seen is with SIRI. She's way more "intelligent" now than in IOS 6. She can now understand and run programs and other tasks which makes her way more useful. The voice recognition is smooth and not as robotic sounding which is another nice added bonus.

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It looks more like Android 4.2! I’m being a little glib, but in all seriousness, the new control center to allow users to quickly access things like Bluetooth and Airplane Mode (which really is pretty much a copy of what’s been on Android for years) is a nice feature.

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