What are some useful shortcuts in Windows 8?

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Hi fivehole,

Please see these two tips articles about Windows 8 shortcuts. They might be of some use to you.

Windows 8 metro keyboard shortcuts and tips

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Here are shortcuts from the second article:

WinKey+Spacebar: Switch the input language and keyboard layout

WinKey+Shift+V: Reverse cycle through toasts

WinKey+Enter: Launch the narrator

WinKey+PgUp: Move tiles to the left

WinKey+PgDn: Move tiles to the right

WinKey+Shift+.: Move the split to the left

WinKey+.: Move the split to the right

WinKey+C: Open charms

WinKey+D: Show desktop

WinKey+E: Open windows explorer

WinKey+F: Open search panel

WinKey+H: Open share charm

WinKey+I: Open settings charm

WinKey+K: Open connect charm

WinKey+L: Lock computer

WinKey+O: Lock screen rotation

WinKey+Q: Open search pane

WinKey+R: Open run

WinKey+V: Cycle through toasts

WinKey+W: Opens settings search panel

WinKey+ Y: Look at desktop

WinKey+Z: Open the app bar

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 I have found full list of keyboard shortcuts for windows 8 you can check here :



Hope my answers will be helpful for you.



HS Soni
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With Windows 8  you can use the keyboard shortcuts you’re already using, and you’ll find new ones too.

For example, the easiest way to search on the Start screen is to simply start typing. Not on the Start screen? Press the Windows logo key‌ and you can quickly switch between Start and the app you’re in.

Appart from it there is a list of keybaord shortcuts in windows 8 you can go through: Essensial keyboard shortcuts of windows 8.

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