Are the new Microsoft Surface tablets realistically priced?


How much are people willing to pay for a Microsoft Surface tablet? I just looked at the price and the lowest buy in is $499, going up to $699 for a 64GB Surface. I have been considering a new tablet for a while, and have been leaning towards a Nexus 7, but thought I would wait and check out the Surface before buying. I like the larger size of the Surface and the keyboard/cover thingy, but I'm not sure I want to spend twice as much for a Surface as I would for a 16GB Nexus 7. Is the Surface worth the money, or is it overpriced vis a vis comparable hardware from other companies? What does it offer that is different beyond the keyboard/cover and Windows 8 OS?

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No, I don't think they are going to do very well against Google and Apple. The Surface just doesn't have the spec, ecosystem or hardware to justify Microsoft's pricing. There's nothing it has that can't already be gotten with an Apple or even a Google tablet.

I just don't see the Surface selling a lot at those prices.

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Two things hit me right away.  The screen resolution isn't as good as an iPad, and there is the issue of apps.  I think that is an important issue, since it is so central to what makes mobile devices so versatile and useful, and Microsoft lags behind Apple and Google on this.


I just can't see paying those prices for a tablet that isn't moving the bar any any serious way.  The Surface looks decent, but it is not a device that blows you away on specs.  I like the cover/keyboard,but Logitech has made something like that for a long time.  That's really the only innovative thing that grabs me.  I haven't used the new OS, so maybe that is the greatest think ever.  Or not.  Either way, an unfamiliar OS is not going to be what I base a purchase upon.  


I can't imagine this pulling many buyers away from Apple, considering that both of these are premium priced products, and the Surface doesn't have the cache, at least not yet.  The Nexus 7 is a smaller device, but one that is much cheaper, has respectable hardware and has many more apps available than the Surface.  For $300 less than the Surface, I would be more inclined to hold the Nexus 7 a little closer to my face.       


Christopher Nerney
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I agree with Jim Lynch. In fact, I'll go further: Microsoft's pricing for the Surface is delusional.

Watch for Redmond to take a page from the playbooks (no pun intended) of HP and RIM and begin slashing prices once Surface struggles in the market.

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Maybe Microsoft is a little more savvy than they are being given credit for.  My news feed included something about the $499 Surface tablet selling out already, three weeks before they even start shipping.  I was honestly a little surprised to see that, but hey, welcome to the tablet party Microsoft. 

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