Can mobile gaming replace console gaming without adding physical controls?


I hear a lot of people claiming that iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets have made dedicated console gaming obsolete. A point I often hear is along the lines of, “Who wants to pay $50-60 for a game when you can get them at prices ranging from free to $5 all day long?” Basically, my response is....but...but...but...controls. There is the new Nvidia hybrid intended to show off gaming chops, and which looks pretty cool to be honest, but notice what it has.....that’s right, physical controls. Am I a Luddite on this? Do most people think playing games on a tablet or phone is really as good as playing them on a console?

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 If that makes you a luddite, well then, let’s go fire up some factories, because I’m with you. I see console vs. mobile/touchscreen gaming as complementary, actually. I’m far from a kid, and graduated college last century, but I still play games all the time. For “serious” games, that means a home console. For “serious” gaming when traveling that means a portable console, a 3DS in my case. Both of those options share one main attribute - physical controls. But when I am waiting for someone or just have a few minutes to kill, out comes the phone for a quick game. The gaming experience is generally much more shallow on mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun in short bursts. Although since Animal Crossing came out for the 3DS I find myself carrying it around just so I can pull some weeds or catch some bugs more often than not.   

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