Can a US PS4 play games released in Japan?


I’m a big fan of a lot of more obscure Japanese games that never make it to the US. I’ve actually imported consoles before so that I could play Japanese only releases, but that is an expensive option. Is the PS4 region locked, or can it play games from all regions (US, Japan, Europe)?

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With the PS3, at least the US PS3, almost all games are region free. I actually think there is only one that is region locked - Persona 4 Arena. I think it depends on the publisher. They have the ability to region lock if they want to. I know that Atlus, one of my favorite publishers, annoys European gamers by region locking titles that it has localized for the US, although I’m not certain what the numbers are for various platforms.However, DLC is region locked, so it isn’t all a free for all. This makes sense, I guess. You access the servers of the company, be it Microsoft or Sony, for the area where you are since you have to pay in the local currency. 


It looks as it Sony is following its past practice with the PS4. All reports and statements that I’ve so far support my understanding that it will region free.  See

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I think Papa has this one covered.

Tiago M. Torres
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Looks like you can only play japanese games in japanse PROFILE, 'cse your profile will be linked to you PSN account. I have 2 accounts in my PS4, one USA and one JP. Ive got Dream Club Host Girls on Stage on the JP profile, and I can't play on the US profile, only on the JP. Still, tehre i no problem in console region, only this account thing...

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