Can a user replace the HDD on the new Xbox One?


One of the disadvantages of the X360 vs. the PS3 was the inability to easily replace the hard drive on the X360, while the PS3 had a standard laptop size HDD that was quick and easy to swap out. You could add an external drive to the X360, but that’s a more expensive option for the same amount of storage and took away the option of using an old laptop HDD that you had upgraded. Anyone know if you can swap out the HDD on the Xbox One, or are you limited to an external drive in the same way as you are with the Wii U and X360?

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JJ Jackson
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It was just a sata drive on Xbox 360 albeit in a case, but just like 360 MS will ban you if you upgrade it. There aren't people banning you it is just an algorithm, if things don't match up your console gets banned.

So probably like Xbox 360 they will let you upgrade if you want to buy another console later with a larger drive.

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It’s not quite as easy to swap out on the XBox One as it is on the PS4, but still pretty easy. Kudos to Microsoft for changing the design this time around. As downloadabke game sizes increase (Uncharted 3 was over 40Gb, I think), it gets easier and easier to fill up a drive This really helps future-proof the XBone.

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You can replace the Xbox One hard drive, but it’s hard

"One of the big advantages the PS4 has over the Xbox One is that you can easily replace the stock 500GB hard drive. That may sound like a significant amount of space, but when Blu-ray games can be up to 50GB in size, the drive only ends up holding around 10 game installs — not enough space for someone who wants to live in modern times and lead an all digital gaming life.

Xbox One owners who wanted to lead that digital life seemed screwed, as they appeared stuck with the 500GB hard drive and a future of storage capacity management. However, it turns out you can replace the Xbox One’s hard drive, it’s just pretty difficult to do so."

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Yes you can replace the Hard drive of the xbox one, its an internal SATA-II 500gb Hard drive, Im not sure if there are any system files stored on the hard drive or not but i wouldnt expect there to be because there is an 8GB nand on the xbox's motherboard where the oprating system and its files are stored. I would actualy recomend replacing the internal hard drive with maybe a 2tb one. But this will void your warrenty. It is actualy suprisingly easy to disasemble your xbox one console with the right tools and as its mobile hardware the parts are easily removed. I would personly use a tool like CCC ( Carbon Copy Cloner ) for mac OSX to replicate the Hard drive because this will clone every spec of data for any hard drive you want and just to be sure you can place the xbox one hard drive and clone it to a 2tb hard drive and it would replicate the entire partition. Theres also a windows program that Symantic which is the company that owns Norton has.. Not sure what it is called but it does the exact same as CCC and would be very handy if you dont have an OSX computer.

Hope this answered your question.


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I think you are not allowed to replace the hard disk drive in the Xbox One. However, with the June system update, you can connect a USB 3.0 derive to the console to get External Hard Drive Support and store more and more apps and games locally. I followed the Best Xbox One External USB 3.0 Hard Drives recommended tips and bought one and everything works great.

David Straus
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You can replace your hard drive on your Xbox One but it will void the warranty.  As of this week in June youc an now add an external hard drive to your Xbox one and store games on there.  Couple options using a SSD vs a non SSD drive.  The prices are pretty far apart but could be really beneficial to just go with the SSD right away -

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