Did Microsoft make to right call in reversing used game policies for the XBox One?


It looks like all the negative blog posts, articles and jokes on late night TV convinced MS to alter plans for the XBox One so that it won’t include the used game restrictions that had many people up in arms. I also wonder if much of the problem for MS was that many people are simply resistant to change, and perhaps once the new system had been in place, it would have not been accepted. After all, quite a few game developers have gone under in the past few years, and perhaps they would have benefited from the now defunct policy.

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They kind of had to, or Sony was going to take them to the cleaners with the PS4. The company certainly didn’t communicate effectively how in most of the decisions that were being panned could in any way be positive for consumers. Also, even though developers and publishers dislike used games, I have yet to see compelling evidence that it significantly affects game sales. The removal of the requirement that the XBox One be connected online in order to function is probably positive. I can see making it where the owner has a strong incentive to have a persistent connection, but the reality is that in many parts of the US (and world) there is still a lack of high speed access, so making it mandatory would make the much XBox One less attractive to those potential customers. On the downside, it slows integration of the cloud with gaming, but I don’t think most gamers care about that.   

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If the hue and cry is loud enough, most companies will listen, including Microsoft. It sounds like they did the right thing, but not without prompting from users.

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