Do you plan to drop the coin on a new Wii U?


I've been playing video games since I was a little kid, and perhaps as a result of that, the release of a major new gaming console is closest thing I've found that captures that feeling of kid on Christmas Eve, when the state of pure anticipation is at its most exquisite. To me, games are perhaps the most pure expression of the drive to utilize technology as a path to pure joy. It is the ascertainable "pretend." It is the storyteller that offers an opportunity to explore other worlds and lives. Without the exotic diseases. It is the tutor that teaches those who never actually played football why you really should punt on fourth and long. In the words of Homer Simpson, it is the, "teacher, mother,.....secret lover."

So, um, yeah, it looks like I'll be getting a Wii U. My avatar probably gives that away to fans of JRPGs.

Is the release of a new console still the big event it used to be? I accept, reluctantly, that my attitude may be anachronistic. But is it really? How excited are people to see the next big thing in console gaming?

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No, I have no interest in any consoles at this point. I read some reviews of the Wii U, it's an interesting system. But I'd much rather that Nintendo released some of their classic games for Apple's iOS. I could play them on my iPhone or iPad, as that's really the platform I'd use for gaming at this point.

Still, the Wii U is cool if you are still into console games. But I think Nintendo is missing an opportunity by not putting their older games out for other platforms.

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I'm in.  I'm not naturally a Nintendo gamer, I was a Sega guy, then PlayStation and XBox.  But when I had my first child, I took a new approach to gaming, and that meant a shift to Nintendo.  Let's face it, as much fun as it is to decapitate a flock (murder?) of zombies, if you do that while a 3 year old is sneaking a look around the corner, you are in for some sleepless nights.  On the other hand, not too many sleepless nights are the result of koopa confrontations.


Honestly, I'm not as excited as I was for the last generation of systems, in part because the WiiU doesn't seem to be moving the audio/video side of the experience much beyond where it is now.  On the other hand, Nintendo does things differently.  The Wii wasn't much more powerful than a GameCube, but it had innovative controls that significantly changed the gameplay experience.  Also, you can pretty much count on Nintendo's 1st party releases to be slick, cleverly designed discs full of fun.    


The really interesting thing will be how the gamepad is integrated not only into the gaming experience, but also the non-gaming video experience.  It remains to be see how well it does this, but there is a good chance that the WiiU could actually establish itself as the hub of all living room entertainment.   

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