Is the Galaxy S5 really worth the upgrade? Worth switching to a new provider for?

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If you are in the market for a new mobile device you wouldn't be disappointed in choosing the SG5. I recently had the SG3 and love it. The screen stopped working after accidently dropping it. I could of went with the warranty replacement or purchase a new screen and replaced it myself. Both options would be about $100 or so but I would have missed that new phone feeling. :) Its a little bigger than the SG3 but definitely faster. For me it all comes down to the apps. I haven't found an app that I use that wasn't available on either phone. I could of been just as happy with another phone but I'm partial to Samsung. I just like the way they function. Really, with the right launcher and enable/disable of apps I could of made Android any way I liked it. I do end up disabling most of the bells and whistles in order to save battery life or increase performance.Is it worth switching providers for? That depends on your current service and how much you want the phone. I can't think of any phone thats come out in the past that I would be willing to search providers for. I've been with Verizon and I've enjoyed their coverage and speed of the network. I've had ATT with a work phone and there was no comparison. I've been in areas where ATT had no service and my phone still had a couple of bars. Your coverage may vary from mine. The only thing that has irritated me is Verizon and many of the major carries have disabled the Download Booster. Not a huge bummer as I'm almost in an area with WIFI or pulling good speeds down from 4G. I don't have a need to download big files when out and about but its the priniple of the matter.Good luck!

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High five: Samsung's best phone gets better

"The Good
Samsung's Galaxy S5 excels at everything that matters -- Android 4.4 KitKat OS; a bright, beautiful display; blistering quad-core processor; and an excellent camera experience. In addition, Samsung's efforts to streamline its own custom interface and reduce pre-installed bloatware pay off.

The Bad
The Galaxy S5 is a only small upgrade over the Galaxy S4. The fingerprint scanner can be confusing to use, and the heart-rate monitor is a niche feature at best. In some regions, the Galaxy S5 costs significantly more than rival top-rated handsets.

The Bottom Line
Subtly improved and smartly refined, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a superior superphone that hits every mark but the sharpest design."

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