How to boot a Nexus 7 to recovery?


I've been playing with my rooted Nexus 7 tablet, and it looks like I played a little too much and locked it up. How do you reboot into recovery? I was using Quick Boot, but I can't get to it because it is stuck on the splash screen. Anyone know the hardware key combination?

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This article should help:

Nexus 7: How to Boot Into Recovery Mode

"1. Turn off the device if it is turned on, and connect it via USB cable to your computer
2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Power Button at the same time for about three to four seconds to turn the device on, if done correctly you’ll see an Android lying on its back (this may prompt a driver installation on your computer, so let that driver install before you proceed if so)
3. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the Recovery Mode option, and press the Power Button to confirm your choice
4. The device will restart, and after a few minutes the device should boot to a screen showing an Android with a red triangle, press and hold the Power Button and Volume Up on this screen
5. If you’re trying to wipe the device for a Hard Reset, then use the volume buttons to navigate to Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press the Power Button to confirm your choice
6. Use the volume buttons to navigate to Yes and press the Power Button to confirm your choice"

Hi,   Im struggling to get my Nexus 7 into recovery mode, its non rooted but as far as im aware this shouldnt be an issue. I basically cant get past step 4.   Trying to update to 4.4 KitKat   Cheers,

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