How to get Flash to work on Nexus tablet?


I have a new Nexus tablet that I’m happy with, but it doesn’t support Flash, and I would like flash for a few websites, and most importantly, to stream video from my Amazon Prime Instant Video account. However, there is no flash player available on Google Play, as far as I can see. Is there a way to add it without being rooted?

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"Flash is not supported by default on the Nexus 7 or by the Chrome browser, but you can get it working.

First, you’ll want to install an alternative browser, Firefox or Dolphin is recommended. Then you’ll need to grab the Adobe Flash Player APK from outside of Google Play. Here’s a link to get it at the XDA Developer’s Forum. You will need the “install from unknown sources” option enabled as described above. Once Flash is installed, you should be able to play Flash content on your Nexus 7. (You may have to request the desktop version of websites; you can do this in Firefox by entering the menu then Settings > More and check the box next to Request Desktop Site.)"

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I’m not certain about the new Nexus 7 since it is running Android 4.3, but on the first gen version with Android 4.0 you can sideload flash. I’d give it a try, you can install it from here:.


Also, I’m pretty sure that tthe default Chrome browser on the 2014 Nexus 7 will not support Flash, so you will also have to install another browser. It should work with either Firefox or Dolphin (I think), both of which you can get from Google Play.  

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