How to output Nexus 7 to HDMI?


Can you use a separate display with the Nexus 7 (2013) without using a Chromecast? I thought they were MHL compatible, but when I used a MHL to HDMI adaptor it didn’t work. Is buying a Chromecast the only option for large screen display of the Nexus 7?

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Robert M. Papillion
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Although Chromecast over WiFi is the best alternative for supported apps, the Nexus 7-2013 hardware and its Android OS also support Miracast.  So this tablet will function as the Miracast transmitter when paired with a Miracast receiver.  The more recent smart TVs can be Miracast receivers, but the user generally has to enable this functionality on the setup menu.  Alternatively, if the TV doesn't support Miracast, a number of HDMI Miracast receiver dongles are available in the marketplace via, etc., and generally cost less than $100.  Except for perhaps this dongle, Miracast is completely wireless, which should be a major advantage over MHL.  The Nexus 7 Guidebook 2013 is available for anyone to view for free at the Google Play Book Store.  If you access the document and enter the search term, "MHL," you'll find that the entire text of the Guidebook contains no mention of it.

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The Nexus 7 actually uses a SlimPort adapter, which looks almost exactly like a MHL to HDMI adaptor, but isn’t. They cost too much, in my opinion, but they work fine. You also have to purchase an HDMI cable, but those are cheap as long as you order online (and it sounds like you might already have one). By the time you pay for a SlimPort adapter and HDMI cable, you’ve spent about the same amount as just buying a Chromecast and having a wireless connection However, a Chromecast doesn’t simply turn your display into a second screen the way a SlimPort/HDMI connection will.

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This thread might be useful:

How can I mirror Nexus 7 (2012) to external TV monitor?!topic/nexus/sGbCEDdWNWw

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Surely, I can. If use this MHL to HDMI Android Adapter on ,Everything has not any problem.

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