Is Nintendo making a big mistake by demanding advertising revenue from fan videos?


First off, I am a Nintendo fan. I've had many Nintendo systems over the years, and played about 10 hours of Super Mario RPG for the SNES over the weekend. Suffice it to say, I am not a "hater". A little background for non-gamers - There is a set of YouTube Videos called "Let's Play" where people record themselves playing games, and generally critique the game, show off their skills, reveal "easter eggs,"or teach ways to get through challenging bits.

Some of these videos are quite popular on YouTube, and have many hits. Now Nintendo is claiming that they are showing copyrighted content when they show the games, and are using this claim to place their ads on the content, and taking the revenue generated by these Let's Play videos.

This really rubs me the wrong way. Are they going to take all revenue from IT World then generated by Nintendo reviews, if there is game footage in that review? Further, Nintendo is taking a dedicated gamer base, and removing all financial incentive for them to continue to promote Nintendo's products!

I think less of Nintendo as a company for doing this. Am I wrong for thinking this is a stupid and shortsighted move by the company?

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It's quite stupid and ham-handed. Nintendo will lose customers over this, and it'll probably cost them far more than the paltry ad revenue they get. Serves them right.

If they had half a brain they'd be releasing some of their classic games for Android and iOS devices. That's where they can make a LOT of money. Apparently, this obvious idea has escaped them.

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I understand the desire to protect ones' IP, but yes, I do think the company is being short sighted here, and the revenue they may receive is more than offset by the negative publicity this is generating, and they could potentially lose the promotional effect of the best of the Let's Play videos. Other companies have done the same thing though - I think Capcom may have as well, although I'm not 100% certain. There are game sites that even have reviews of Let's Play videos, so I'm pretty sure that lot's of enthusiasts will notice and think this is a jerk move by Nintendo. 

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