Smartwatches - gimmick or useful tool?


I sat today that Pebble watches are available at big box stores, and it looks like Apple is planning an iWatch. I can see the utility in something like Google Glass, you have a persistent display that is visible whenever you want it. I’m not so sure about so-called smartwatches. Is it just a tiny little display screen on your wrist, that displays a limited amount of the info on your device display? Maybe it is just me, but I don’t find it all that inconvenient to glance at my smartphone’s display. OMG, have I turned into a crumudgeon already - these darn kids and their crazy smartwatches (shakes fist in air)?!?!

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Personally, I see absolutely no use for one of them. Do I really need to be connected that much? Ugh.

Plus I live with two parrots. Do you know what parrots do to watches, jewelry, etc.? They see EVERYTHING as a toy or something to be chewed apart. An "iwatch" would last a day if I was lucky, they would stop at nothing to tear into it. Heh.

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These are devices that are in their developmental infancy. Maybe toddlers at best. At this point, their usefulness is limited, at least to me. I can appreciate the convenience of checking messages discretely without yanking my phone out of my jacket, especially during a long and boring meeting. The thing is that the cell phone freed me from wearing a watch, and there is not yet enough functionality for me personally to justify a smartwatch, even though I do think the customizable time display is neat. As time goes on and more innovative use/features are implemented, there is a good chance they will become more desirable to someone like me.

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