What is the greatest video game of all time?


I had a birthday party with friends last night, and we ended up playing some video games, which in turn led to a spirited discussion of video game history and the greatest video games of all times. As one of my buddies put it, we are a bunch of over-educated, under-motivated guys who grew up with video games and have been playing since the 80s, so who better to determine the answer to this ultimate question of the universe. Although I made a strong argument for Panzer Dragoon Orta, I ultimately went with Super Mario 64 because of the way it introduced 3D game play to the masses. There were other picks, but what would you select as the greatest game of all time? It’s not Call of Duty, by the way.

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Super Mario Kart 64 was one of my all time favorites. But I really can't pick just one. So many games, so little time. When you add in all the games we have on mobile, it's almost impossible to pick one winner over all the others.

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Good pick with Super Mario 64, although I think Super Mario Bros. is also a strong contender for essentially saving the video game industry and elevating Nintendo to prominence. The original Halo on the XBox was groundbreaking, and introduced a lot of people to awesome multiplayer FPS.

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