What was changed with the first major XBox One update?


Anyone know what the XBox One software updated changed or improved? I’m still on the fence between an Xbox One and PS4, although at this point in the product cycle, I can afford to wait a little longer without really missing out on much. To be honest, I’m leaning towards the PS4, but I would really like to play Titanfall and that’s going to be an XBox One exclusive, so I’m still trying to gather information to help me make the right decision.

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Xbox One is getting better

"There’s a list of other features that also made it into this update, you can find the highlights (courtesy of Major Nelson) below.

Ability to delete game and application save data
Improved installation and DLC management
Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat
Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel
Update to the boot progress indicators for system update
Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress
Separate game, application, and install queue lists
Addition of USB keyboard support
Improved NAT detection
Network Troubleshooter improvements
Blu-ray quality improvements
Significant performance and stability improvements"

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The most noticeable changes are improved user management of storage space and download management. USB keyboard support is new, and better system stability will also please a lot of people.


Here is a complete changelog for all XBox One updates. 

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