What is wrong with the YouTube Channel for Wii?

Wannalee Bruce

I can't watch one video every one will pop up the message video unavalble, I will check these videos on my computer and they will play, what's wrong with youtube on wii?

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The YouTube Channel on Wii was a surprise to even see. Google has been making a number of changes over the past 8-10 months, and after a period of time where it was unwatchable, some recent changes have made it better for many users. For me, the playback has gotten much better than the situation you describe, but there are annoyingly long load times. What I suggest is deleting the YouTube Channel from your Wii AND going into your save files to delete YouTube save data as well (you use the button on the bottom left of the screen to access this - if you need detailed instructions let me know and I will do it step-by-step). Then go to the Wii Shop Channel and redownload YouTube. There is no guarantee that this will work but it might. 


There is a thread on this in Google Product Forums, so you are not alone. Check it out here: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/g1Eqi6v2as0[1-25-false]

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YouTube on Wii

"You can now watch YouTube videos on the Wii. In the YouTube app you’ll be able to view your subscribed channels and search for content.
Signing in

You can discover and watch YouTube videos without a YouTube account, but to view your playlists, favorites, and uploaded videos, you must sign into your YouTube account. To sign in with your YouTube account, follow these steps:

Part 1: On your Wii:

Open the YouTube for Wii app.
Select Sign In & Settings.
Select Sign In.

Part 2: On your desktop computer:

In your browser, navigate to www.youtube.com/activate.
Sign in with your YouTube account.
Enter the code listed on your Wii.
Click the Allow access button."

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