Would you buy a refurbished iPad?


I know that this is a subjective question, but is it worth the discount in price to purchase a refurbished iPad instead of a brand new one? I’ve bought some products used before, and they were like new, but on the other hand, I bought a used LCD monitor and it had a stuck pixel and lots of surface scuffs. Would you rather save the money and go used with an iPad or pay up for one fresh out of the box? Experiences?

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I would prefer new always, but if money is a little tight, a used iPad probably is a pretty safe risk functionally, although there is always the chance that it may not look very good cosmetically. All in all, I would consider saving up a little longer to purchase new, or perhaps look at something a little less expensive. I’ve had missed success with various refurbished items - sometimes they looked like new, sometimes they looked used but worked well, and a couple of times they had to be returned. It’s just luck, to some degree, but Apple’s refurbished items do at least have a decent warranty. 

Christopher Nerney
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I've seen my daughters get some pretty lame refurbished replacements for their broken iPhones, so I'm not a refurbished fan. Maybe if you just want an extra iPad laying around and don't want to pay full price, but I just think newer is worth the extra cost if you can afford it.

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