Would you wear Google Glass if they looked more like regular glasses?


I like the concept of Google Glass, but, will all due respect to anyone that has them now, I don’t want to look quite so much like I just stepped off the set of Star Trek. I would be much more interested in them if they looked “normal.” I can’t be the only one. If Google makes them look less techy, will that help drive adoption of Glass?

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Some people are going to want their Glass to be very obvious in a, “Hey, look at me. I have something cooler than you,” sort of way.. Remember how some people used to wear Bluetooth headsets around everywhere? Yeah, those guys are going to want you to KNOW they have Google Glass. Beyond that subset of humanity, I think it will absolutely help Google move more units if they are unobtrusive. Keep in mind that we are at the very early stage of Google Glass, they have not even been fully released, so I would expect that the appearance will be less “distinctive” in the near future.  

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Yeah, they do look very dorkish. I wouldn't wear them. I suppose they could be made to look better over time, but in the short term they really look awful.

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