How important is QA to the software development life cycle?



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Though I am not an expert on this subject, I did some research and come up with this answer and have included some resources I think will help.

Simply put, QA is pretty important. Quality Assurance testing is employed to reduce possible defects in every stage of the software development life cycle. The 2003 book "Managing Software Engineering Knowledge" states "the focus of [Software Quality Assurance] is to monitor continuously throughout the Software Development Life Cycle to ensure the quality of the delivered products. This requires monitoring both the processes and the products. In process assurance, SQA provides management with objective feedback regarding compliance to approved plans, procedures, standards, and analyses. Product assurance activities focus on the changing level of product quality within each phase of the life cycle, such as the requirements, design, code, and test plan. The objective is to identify and eliminate defects throughout the life cycle as early as possible, thus reducing test and maintenance costs."

A recent article on Bhakti Satalkar on corroborates this, stating that the main goals of QA during software development are to develop error free software, to determine if there is any variation from software requirements, to use the software in a real time environment, and to provide confidence in the software, among other things. The bottom line seems to be that QA is important, and that customers would prefer to wait slightly longer for a quality product then receive a potentially flawed one sooner. You are better off taking the time to complete it than not.

To find an excerpt from "Managing Software Engineering Knowledge" go here

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Software Quality assurance is the process, in which whole software development activities will strict follow some rules or regulations. The rules or regulations are called as Standards that is followed in Software development life cycle. If this standard is not followed then there is chance for errors in many ways. These standard will assure the development process bug free.


The quality assurance standards is set by organization and it is followed the all team members of the project. This Quality assurance specialist will monitor every one.


Simply this assurance enables 100 % bug free software.

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