Are u conducting interviews online through Yahoo Messenger?


I would like to be sure, because I got a suspect email, and want to know if this person is real

Hello Applicant

We have reviewed your resume/cover letter on and you seem qualified for the position.You need to undergo an online job briefing and interview, it is now required for you to have the Human Resource Manager Hilary Joy added to your Yahoo Messenger contact list for
the interview.If you don't have a yahoo messenger ID,create one now at ( and add Mrs Hilary Joy .Her yahoo ID screen name is ( . She will make herself available online so instant message her whenever you are ready.

Human Resources,

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This did not originate with ITworld. I'd promptly delete.

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That sounds like a scam.  I've done phone interviews with various companies, and even a Skype one with Apple but never through Yahoo messenger.  I'd nicely tell them to suck a lemon.

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Beware, it looks like a scam. I'd delete it, and add it to your spam email list.

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