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I am having a degree in Mechanical Engg/Marine Engg and currently working in Merchant Navy as 3rd Engr. I am 29 years old. I am thinking of changing my career into IT security by doing a 6 months course in ethical hacking because my current health conditions doesn't allow me to continue in Merchant Navy. I need advice and guidance on this matter from IT security Professional. will it be tougher to get an opening. what will be the starting salary per month. what all thing I need to do for a successful career change. Please share your view.

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Before making a final decision, you might want to check sites like Simply Hired and others to see what kinds of jobs are available in IT security, and what the requirements are to do them. It's always helpful to do a market sample before entering into a new career. That way you will know what's expected of you, and you may glean information about salaries, etc.

Also, check the Glass Door if you find a company you are interested in.

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