Do you allow your employees to use Evernote?


I'm conflicted over an issue we are currently discussing at work; whether or not to prohibit use of Evernote. I personally really, really like Evernote, and use it daily to keep track of everything ranging from what I need to bring to an afternoon meeting to what groceries to pick up on the way home. If you haven't used Evernote, you can make a note/take a photo on your smartphone/tablet/laptop/desktop and Evernote synchs up with all your devices so that it is accessible wherever you are. Super convenient, clean interface, and very useful. But you can see the obvious security concerns we have as a business. Part of me thinks that while there are those concerns about using a consumer focused cloud product, you can never have a 100% secure environment anyway, and the usefulness of Evernote as a tool outweighs the risk of data loss. What would you do, allow Evernote or lock it down?

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We allow Evernote, but not Dropbox.  I'm not sure how that is a coherent security regime, but there you go.  Basically, so many of us use Evernote as a productivity tool that while we accept that there is some risk of proprietary information being compromised, but find the level acceptable.  Let's face it, most people aren't using Evernote to save the quarterly report that they are working on, they use it to remind themselves to talk to Bob (or whoever) about the quarterly report at 9:30 the next morning.  If I worked at a hospital or the White House or something, I might feel differently, but the world of injection molded plastics just isn't as sensitive.  It is just glamourous. 

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I'd suggest allowing it, but with defined rules as to its use. You should specify which types of data related to your business that it should not be used for, and you should let users know that if they violate your clearly spelled out policies then you may remove access to the application at any time.

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