Has anyone received an email from eBay about its recent breach?


Big story, but I haven't heard about (or received) an email notification to eBay users/customers. Hackers hit eBay database containing personal info, users asked to change passwordshttp://www.itworld.com/security/419826/hackers-hit-ebay-database-contain...

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I haven't received anything from ebay either. Considering the potential risk to users (What do you mean, I just bought a Rolls Royce?!?!), this seems like a pretty irresponsible move on ebay's part. Thanks for the heads up. 

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I haven`t recieved an email from ebay as well. But after I heard about the hit, I immediately changed my password, to be on the safe side. 

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I just got an email on the Sunday follow this news breaking. So for 4-5 days, the only real source of warning for millions of people were news reports and online posts on the subject. This should be an example of how not to handle a data breach. I have to wonder if the people at ebay are so isolated from reality that they didn't hear about the Target data breach and all the corporate heads that rolled as a result. Ebay dropped the ball on this, and whoever was making the decisions on this should be unemployed. Sadly, if they lose their jobs they will probably get a muli-million dollar golden parachute, so the only penalty they will really face is what to do with all that money in their newfound free time. 

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