Should we stop using Internet Explorer until the newest fix is released?


The German government recommended that users stop using IE in light of the security vulnerability that was revealed by Eric Romang of Is the vulnerability so significant that this is really necessary, or is this overkill?

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I dumped Internet Explorer many years ago, along with Windows itself. These days you have a wide choice of browsers, why not pick one and go with it? Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are all great options that are worth considering as a substitute to Internet Explorer. At this stage of the game, IE is a has-been browser. I recommend you dump it as soon as possible.


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Maybe.  Is the specific risk to you very high?  Probably not, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a risk.  If you don't want to dump IE for some reason there are workarounds until a patch is released.  Have fun with it, though.


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