What are the main security risks of Bluetooth?


Bluetooth is nearly ubiquitous these days, but it is one potential attack vector that I haven't put much though into. What are the main things to worry about when it comes to Bluetooth security? I would think they would be limited due to the inherent short range of the signal.

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There are quite a few potential weaknesses. NIST's National Vulnurability Database has 83 listed when I just checked. Go the the website, search for bluetooth to see for yourself. Most of these are low risk though, as you would expect from the physically limited range of bluetooth. 

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See this article for details:

What are some security risks of having a Bluetooth?

"While Bluetooth connections have the advantage that they're automatic and wireless, they have the disadvantage of their data being vulnerable to interception along with any other data sent on low-power radio waves. In addition to the risk of other people being able to receive your sensitive information, they're also able to send you files or viruses that you're absolutely not interested in."

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