What is the best way to eliminate the office fax machine?


The one item that I hate to use in my office is the fax machine. It always seem to take a disproportionate amount of my time to take a hard copy of a document to the fax, dial up the right telephone number so that the receptionists at the recipient's company doesn't get an ear full of fax noise until my fax machine gives up trying to reach the destination machine (and I have to start the process again after getting a call from the annoyed receptionist). Even when I'm done with the actual faxing, I still have to go back to the fax machine, retrieve and file the fax confirmation report. It is just so darn inefficient.  Does anyone have any experiences with fax emulation using their computer, or have any other thoughts as to the best way to get away from 80s era fax technology?

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I'm afraid the fax machine is here to stay, at least for a while longer.  I sometimes deal with businesses like banks and law firms that tend to be conservative in their practices, and they nearly always ask me to "fax it over".  This is the way they usually want to receive copies of documents with signatures, and they often refuse to allow scanned documents to be sent by email.  As much as I hate to admit it, by the time I've scanned an existing document and attached it to an email, I've spent about as much time as I would walking it over to the fax machine, perhaps more.  I have tried efax, an online virtual fax machine that worked well, but the need to pay monthly fees makes it a tough sell at my office in light of the cost of a basic fax machine being less that $100.  In addition, it was only a significant time saver for the outgoing documents that I was faxing directly from my Word files.  One neat feature that I liked was that incoming faxes were converted to emails, and I found that much more convenient than taking repeated field trips to Ye Olde Fax Machine to check for the document I was expecting.  The virtual fax is also more environmentally friendly, and helps keep you from wasting paper every time some company sends out a fax blast to promote itself.  You might want to check out www.faxcompare.com to see if any of the online fax services can meet your needs.

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Hi riffin,

You might want to read PCMag's review of Internet fax services. They could be a good alternative to the traditional fax machine.

The Best Internet Fax Services (Electronic Faxing)

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Hi riffin,

You might want to read PCMag's review of Internet fax services. They could be a good alternative to the traditional fax machine.

The Best Internet Fax Services (Electronic Faxing)

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This is the common issue for most business organizations or persons trying to get make faxing easier. I have been utilizing internet faxing online faxing service for the past year and is fully satisfied with their service. My transition from a physical fax machine to an online faxing service was smooth sailing.

Joana Cole
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Nowadays more and more people are switching to an online fax provider, it is cheaper, easier and faster. The only thing you need is the internet conection.

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Online fax is great – it’s inherently secure so you can send sensitive information, which you shouldn’t with email. Services like Sfax are HIPAA-compliant, which adds extra layers of protection.




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