What humidity level should be maintained for desktop PCs?


I work in an extremely humid environment where it is common to see 80%+ relative humidity in the summer. Air conditioning takes care of it during the workweek, but on weekends it is scaled back to save money. What humidity level should we aim for to make sure our PCs are not negatively affected when left for the weekend?

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How to protect a computer against humidity http://www.helium.com/items/2273205-how-to-protect-a-computer-against-hu...

You might also want to purchase a dehumidifier for when the AC is off. That will help a lot.

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I would aim for 45-65%. If you get much lower than that, it will not only cost you more money, it will make it ESD more likely (like when you shock your cat’s ear on a dry winter day). 65% should be low enough to keep risk of corrosion to a minimum. There may be a perfect humidity level that someone has found after millions of dollars of research, but within that range, I think you will be ok.

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