Are any free AND reliable word processing and productivity suites available?


I am setting up my home office and I am looking to cut costs, like doing without Microsoft Office for a start. Are there any good choices for free and reliable word processing and productivity suites?

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Hi SilverHawk,

I highly recommend checking out LibreOffice. It's free and open source, and it works very well as an office suite on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows).

Here's a list of features:

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I've also heard great things about LibreOffice (an offshoot of OpenOffice) which is free and has a reputation for being reliable. LibreOffice has programs for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, etc., is compatible with most document formats such as .DOC from Word and .XLS from Excel, and can handle most productivity tasks as well. LibreOffice seems like it would be great for home offices operating on a shoestring budget and/or looking to cut costs like you are. People also seem to really like LibreOffice's interface. How can it be free, you ask? LibreOffice is run by a nonprofit organization with support from computer developers and advanced users of the program. There is a lot of good information, as well as the free download, at

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