Are Office 97 files compatible with Office 2013?


If I upgrade from my old copy of Office ‘97 to Office 2013, are there any file conversion issues?

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Office 2013 compatibility guide

"Keeping an Office deployment project on track requires two key aspects: using the right process to assess Office compatibility, and using tools that help you understand the potential risks of an Office upgrade. Office 2013 helps you do both. We are introducing a new process to help you assess Office compatibility, a process that we call the modern Office compatibility process. When used with the new telemetry features and tools that are in Office 2013, this process helps you speed up your Office deployments and get users up and running on the new version of Office with minimal disruptions. In this article, you'll learn more about the modern Office compatibility process and how Office telemetry fits into this process."

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Office 2013 will open up a “Compatibility Mode” box when you open Office 97 files, which will allow you to convert the older files for use with Office 2013. It takes mere seconds and two mouse clicks. 

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