Are you sad to see Winamp go away?


Winamp Media Player is one of those things that just seems like it has always been there, even though I haven’t used it for years. AOL has apparently decided to do away with it, though. Are many people still using Winamp? Will they still be able to use it after it is officially “killed?”

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Sure, you can still use it if you have it installed. There are also a few rumors that Microsoft may have purchased Winamp, but I’m not sure that they are accurate. Winamp actually isn’t all that bad, I would go so far as to say it beats iTunes as far as UI goes. Still, it’s been years since I last used it, so other than a little twinge of nostalgia, I doubt I would have even noticed it was disappearing.

Carla Manini
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I have not used WinAmp for many years now, I think that since YouTube appeared, all the top songs and everything that you need from any artist can be easily found there. I think it affected me a lot and now at least 90% of the music I like, I listen directly on YouTube, no other software involved for me ;)

Christopher Nerney
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I can't remember the last time I used Winamp, so I won't miss it, though I know many users will. My understanding is that people still can use it after December 20, but won't be able to download the software or access services.

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No, I never used it so it doesn't matter much to me. However, it would be nice if AOL made it open source and released the code. Then somebody else might pick up the project and keep it alive for the people who want to continue using Winamp.

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