Best free note-taking app


Great article here.

Do others have experience with these apps, or have another favorite? I'm testing a couple of these now, and would be interested in your experience. Thanks!

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I’ve used Evernote for years. The features lists is always expanding beyond that of a simple note-taking app. Evernote can now do more than I need it to, frankly, but it does the core note taking and syncing so well, that even if you never become an Evernote “power user” it is still a good choice. Plus it is well suited for business use, with built in support for a business admin console to manage the notebooks of users and enable sharing among employees. The others may be good, but in my mind, Evernote is still the gold standard.

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I have to agree on Evernote. It's cross-platform and has always worked very well for me.

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