Can you use Word on Chromebooks?


Is there a version of Word that can be used on Chromebooks? I’m thinking of getting one, but I don’t want to be stuck using the Google Docs all the time.

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Google adds native Microsoft Word and Excel file editing to latest Chrome OS build

"Google has added native Microsoft Office file editing to the dev channel for Chrome OS. The addition means Chrome OS users on the latest build of the company’s browser-based operating system can now experiment with editing Microsoft Word and Excel files."

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You could also try Office Web Apps, which is the online version of Office. I don’t see any reason that it wouldn’t work on a Chromebook, although I've never tried it with the Chrome browser.

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Microsoft doesn't offer Their office suite or any part of it for the Linux operating system family, so also not for ChromeOS.
However, either you can install wine to solve the issue, or simply install LibraOffice / OpenOffice, and you're done.

You can, too, in case Chrome OS doesn't offer LibreOffice, install Debian or Ubuntu in parallel to ChromeOS, and then there you can install them - or with wine or PlayOnLinux give original Word a run for its money.

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You still come out better using Google DOCs because Office Web apps have limited editing capabilities.  In Google Docs you can enable Google DOCs to be offline and edit from that point. One difference is when downloading to another device that has Microsoft Office you will have some fix the format to Microsoft Office features created fromn DOCs.  Office Web apps from my experience is not that great.  There has to be a better way because I am mobile and on the move with my Chromebook.  I am always experitmenting with all Google products that will help with my daily stuff. One thing that still needs some work is the word processing apps because you have to consider when creating and sending the format changes. 

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Thanks for the help. Hmm, I was thinking of the Cromebook as a sort  of an inexpensive, no-hassle thin client, I'll have to weigh whether I want to go to the trouble to "make" things work vs. just getting a cheap Windows Laptop. Appreciate the info!

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