How can I install BitLocker on Windows 8?


I have Windows 8 (not Pro). Is there anyway to install Bitlocker, or do I have to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro to use it?

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Here are some instructions from Microsoft on how to use BitLocker.


And if you still want to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, you can get it at Amazon:

Buy Windows 8 Pro at Amazon

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Yes. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature available in Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and in all editions of Windows Server 2012.  

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It is available in all of the versions Johanna Parker mentioned, but if you have plain-Jane, vanilla Windows 8 I don't think you can install it without an upgrade to at least Windows 8 Pro.  You could go with TrueCrypt instead; it's free and open source, so you could save the cost of an upgrade.

John D Liddle III
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Sorry but Truecrypt WILL NOT WORK on GPT partitions and windows 8 uses a GPT partition...Anyone know what can encrypt at GPT partition ?? Preferably free like Truecrypt?

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