How can I make my Chrome browser always start in incognito mode?


I always use incognito mode online, which means I open my Chrome browser, then ctrl+shift+n to open a new incognito window. Is there a way to make Chrome start in incognito mode automatically?

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I googled and Chris seems to have the best answer. MakeUseOf has a similar article about this.

Carla Manini
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Have you tried this tip?

Christopher Nerney
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Here's an answer from Google's Chrome Forum


You have to add the -incognito switch to the shortcut Target box, and it will open Chrome in incognito mode.


To add the switch, right click the Chrome shortcut icon and select Properties. 


In the shortcut tab there is a target text box, with:


C:\ Documents And Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe


Add the [space]-incognito to it so the very end of the URL looks like:


chrome.exe -incognito


And that should do it.




Thanks for helping me solve my first world problem, Christopher!

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