How to create animated GIFs?


What's the process for creating animated GIFs?

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You can use photoshop and do it pretty easily, or you can upload a short vid clip to a few different websites that will create a GIF from your clip while you take a sip of coffee. Gifninja is my favorite, and it allows you to stitch together multiple images to make a GIF as well. I'd suggest that you give it a shot. Gifsoup is another option, but as far as I know, it just takes YouTube videos and converts a section into a GIF. 

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Make an Animated GIF

"GIF images (short for Graphics Interchange Format), introduced by CompuServe in 1987, were one of the first two image formats used on Websites — they were even around before the JPEG. While people's terrible judgment and poor site-building skills gave animated GIFs a bad name during the home computer boom of the late '90s, they are still used en masse on the Web. And when it’s time to bring the lulz, knowing the way of the GIF is key. Not only can GIFs do the work of a thousand words in self-expression, but they can also serve as funny mini-videos, showing the user a short clip without having to go through the trouble of buffering a video.

Here’s a crash course on manufacturing GIF web gems using Adobe Photoshop or the Web."

Christopher Nerney
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The process might vary slightly depending on the software you use, but here's a basic guide...


Here's a YouTube video showing how to use Photoshop to create animated GIFs.


Here's another for using Adobe Fireworks CS3.


Cocoa Chanel
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There are newly some tools that allow you to make gif screencasts or convert films from your camera, for example the Gif Screen Recorder.

HS Soni
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I have created the best guide to make GIF from jpeg images using photoshop... you can read the post here :

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