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I need free software to download online video from sites like Youtube and Dailymotion. Is there any free and fast solution for Windows?

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Google Freemake...


That software is great for you tube & a host of others....



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Already found this software, can't imagine any better

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You may find this article helpful:

How to Download YouTube Videos

"If you're like most PCWorld readers, you probably have a few classic YouTube videos you love to share with friends, family, and coworkers. That's all fine and good when you're connected to the Internet, but what if you want to save a few of your favorite videos to a USB stick or burn some memorable clips to disc as a gift? If you want to download YouTube videos without having to pay a fee, install a toolbar, or run a dubious browser plug-in, we suggest you use YouTube Downloader HD.

A free downloadable program, YouTube Downloader HD keeps things simple: You provide the URL of the video, select the video quality and format, and click the Download button. YouTube Downloader HD has a limited selection of output formats and can’t download from video sites other than YouTube, but it still shines with its adware-free installation, ability to download multiple videos simultaneously, and automatic conversion feature."

Jarek Mordoc
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yes, you could try audials light. it's free and it does record youtube videos. and, apart from that you get some extra features like internet radio recording and listening, podcast recording, watching music tv and mobile syncing. but if you want the real deal, I would recommend that you use audials moviebox; this one is able to record from pretty much any source, be that youtube or netflix. it's pretty awesome and you also get the option to convert your videos to different formats (mp4, avi, 3gp, wmv, mpeg etc.) so that you can use them on your other devices, xbox, ps3, ipad, iphone and so on. this is not a freeware however but yeah, I guess if you are looking into investing a little bitof money into it, this is what I would recommend that you use as a video recorder (and if you wanna find out exactly how it works, they offer some step by step instructions" target="_blank">here).

Jarek Mordoc

apparently I mistyped the link. well I was talking about some how to instructions and here they are.cheers!
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There are a few choices, but an easy one is YouTubeDownloader HD, and it is free.  It lets you convert the YouTube files to AVI or MP4, so you can play it back on the player of your choice.

Henry Smith
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Hi,  sunny sun, YES! We're so lucky to find out a freeware to download YouTube videos, it is Tenorshare Free YouTube Downloader for Windows and I have used it to downlaod lots of videos on YouTube. It is totally free, so you can have a try! 

Doraemon Ken
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There're many free software to do the trick, you could find a handful of the best ones from below:


Keepvid - this tool is actually a free online app which works for YouTube, Dailymotion and more. There's no need to register or pay, just visit the site, input the URL of a video and hit "Download". However, it does not let you convert videos to another format, therefore you may also check sites like keepvid if needed.


Freemake Video Downloader - though this software only works for Windows, it's totally free and only requires installation on your computer. It's able to handle multiple video clips synchronously.

Sarah Sarahmalici
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I know a dailymotion downloader,

which also supports to download video from Youtube. 

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