How to find that first SAP job?


I am a CS engineer (about 3 years) and have recently been certified in SAP ERP.  Where's the best place to start looking for a job?  I'm open to any opportunity. 

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Hi Martin,

I posted a reply to your other question using Simply Hired, but here's the link again:

I recommend doing a search in the geographical area you are interested in working in. It's a great idea to see what sort of jobs are available right now that are related to your skill sets and certifications. Simply Hired makes it easy to see a pretty wide range of job possibilities in different areas.

Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for. :)

Marinda Pretorius
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Hello Martin,  I am see you posted this a year ago already - you found an opportunity yet with your certification?  I am also looking into doing this certification - and scared to lay out the money and experience is still the issue - as is currently the case with my Informatics Degree - no experience :(

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