How to make a Facebook page RSS to be read in a WordPress site?


There's this great article here at ITWorld on how to make a Facebook page RSS to be read elsewhere:,1I am thrilled by the simplicity and the step-by-step instructions but as someone else posted in the comments of the article I am also STUCK ON WHAT TO DO NEXT (and how!) with the resulting XML file in order to have it displayed (in a widget or similar) in a wordpress homepage. I've tried the obvious (upload the XML to my server and add a simple RSS plugin to WP to read it) but didn't work :(


Can anyone assist? Thanks a lot in advance

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Also, see this page:

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If you go into your WordPress admin page and then go to Widgets you should find an RSS widget. Put the RSS link in that widget and then place the widget wherever you want it to appear, then click on Save. I believe that should do it for you.

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This isn’t something I know much about (sorry!), but maybe you could find more information at the developers section at Facebook. Maybe not, though. Wish I could help you out.

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