How much bandwidth is needed for high quality Skype video conferencing?


Does anyone know the required bandwidth for video conferencing on Skype to be high quality. We had a video conference last week with about half a dozen participants, and the quality was pretty bad. Our connection is DSL with 6Mbps download speeds.

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This page lists the bandwidth requirements for Skype:

"The bandwidth required by Skype depends on the type of calls you want to make. The table below provides the minimum download and upload speeds required, as well as the recommended speeds for best performance."

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Microsoft recommends 8Mbps/512kbps for group video of 7+ people, with 4Mbps/128kbps minimum. With your 6Mbps download speeds at best (probably less most of the time), you are really close to the minimum, but it should work. Unless you can upgrade, you might be stuck with mediocre quality. 

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Bandwidth required by Skype depends upon the speed of your internet connection for HD Video conferencing.  I use RHUB web video conferencing appliances for conducting web video conferences. It occupies less bandwidth, hence provides better video quality. 

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