How to port Email from Windows XP to Windows 7?


We have a user who is still on Windows XP that is getting a new computer next week. How do we move her email to Windows 7? I believe she's using Outlook 2003.

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It doesn't really matter if you're using Windows XP or Windows 7 if you're just worried about migrating Outlook accounts. If the new computer is using Outlook 2010, then you need to move the *.PST file from the old computer to the new computer. If the user is connecting to an Exchange server, just putting the Exchange server information into the new Outlook will connect to the server and all the emails will be available.

Stephny Cook

Will that PST of Outlook 2003 can be imported in Outlook 2007 ???? It will work?? please suggest
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You just need to use the Import/Export feature of Outlook. This blog post has clearly defined the method. Read here :





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