How to save the web page I’m on as a PDF?


How can I save the web page I’m on as a PDF? I’m using Chrome browser.

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How to save Web Pages as PDF using Chrome

"Open any webpage using chrome browser installed in your machine.
Go to Menu items and click on print or just Ctrl+P.
As shown in the image click on Destination. By default, there will be a printer selected. From the list under Destination select Save as PDF. You even have the option to directly save it in Google Drive.
Click on Save and give the location or path and it will be saved a PDF file in your computer."

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Click the Settings icon on the top right of the browser screen, choose Print, then in the pop-up screen under Destination click Change and choose PDF.

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Unlike most browsers, Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer. You can learn more about it in the help article and blog post in my references.You can now print and save all PDFs by right-clicking on the PDF and selecting "Print" or "Save as." This is especially helpful for PDFs embedded in frames onto another webpage.

You can usually print and save PDFs by going to Wrench > Print or Wrench > Save page as, however if you have any difficulty (saved files are corrupt, only portions of your page get printed) try right-clicking on the PDF and taking action from there.

To disable the Chrome PDF viewer and revert to Adobe Reader, follow vasa1's steps:1. Type "about:plugins" in the address bar (without the quotes)2. Hit enter3. Click on details (near the top right)4. Disable "Chrome PDF Viewer" and enable the Adobe oneBlairThanks,Copied from!topic/chrome/qdsluD3m8IE

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