Solution for SQL database recovery ?

Stephny Cook

While working on SQL, I was prompted with inaccessible MDF File and can't proceed further. If any one suggest me some solution for sql database recovery so that I can proceed my work further.


Need Exact Solution please........

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This thread might be useful to you:

SQL Recovery Tool - Recover MDF files

Stephny Cook

thanks jimlynch..I appreciate your solution; got this link from your thread and performed sql database recovrery.   Your participation is appreciable among all the fields.
Henry Desouza
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Hello Stephny,

Check for the thread offered by Jimlynch - ;
there AkilRake has provided some useful information about the recovery of corrupt MDF file. It can be useful for everyone to get MDF files recovered.

Henry Desouza
Technical Support

Stephny Cook

thanks to you also henry, visited thread offered by jimlynch and recovered my precious amount of database.   Tool works effectively & efficiently!!!   Superb recommendation!!!!!!!
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SQL Database Repair is the best SQL database repair software that comes with plethora of options to recover data from corrupt or  damaged SQL databases. The software can repair/recover both the .MDF and .NDF SQL database files. Corruption of damage of the SQL database file can occur due to several reasons, including application malfunction, file header corruption, OS crash, virus infection etc. The smart scan engine of the software is equipped to carry out precise database recovery through non-destructive mechanisms.For more information click

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Hey stephny,


Don't worry! Recovering SQL database is not a big deal. I think your file is corrupted because of which it gave such error. You can try recovering data from it either manually or by running recovery program. Manual solution doesn't work for highly corrupted database file. Recovery software is one of the most effective way to recover all the data as well as objects.


Read more about the solution and follow the steps accordingly given in :


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James Dann
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You may try most effective SQL database recovery software to resolve your problem.

Try demo version of the software to see the preview of recoverable objects:

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Try to follow these steps to recover corrupt sql database:

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You can use RecoveryFix for SQL database recovery software for the recovery of your damage SQL database instantly. For more details you can visit this site: and also read this post

Doyle Boger
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SQL database Recovery is the perfect solution to recover all corrupt or damaged MS SQL Server database files accurately. The SQL Server database files may get corrupt due to several reasons that is, virus attacks, abnormal system shut down, network issues etc. This tool efficiently recovers entire MDF files including triggers, tables, keys, procedures, indexes. It automatically rebuilds a new database MDF file making it the best tool among many others in the market.The demo version of tool is available to download for free from:-

Kaye R. Jenkins

The tool works for all scenarios for database corruption arising due to application crash, OS malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, etc. It scans the entire database for mangled entries and corrects the bit pattern to eliminate corruption and bring the database to a consistent state.   Read More:-    

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